What I post about:
Writer and Proud is a blog focused primarily on all things to do with stories: writing, reading, and the occasional movie. I talk about characters a lot, try to give the occasional writing help, review books, and sometimes ramble about my writing projects. Ever now and then I talk about God and what He has to do with all this fiction stuff, or I talk a little bit about Myers-Briggs personalities. 

The Comment Domain:
I respond to each and every comment, so please go ahead and talk to me. That being said, there are a few basic rules:

1. No profanity, please.
2. Debate is welcome, but be respectful
3. No spam

will delete comments which violate those rules.

Please Do:
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Depending on my level of busyness, I post between two and three posts a week. During the school year, I'm lucky if I get two posts published, but I try.

1. Tuesdays: Expect something writing-related
2. Friday or Saturday: Miscellaneous posts (my own writing, linkups, character interviews etc.)
3. Sunday: Book reviews abound.

Once a month I participate in the Beautiful People Linkup. Usually, this post goes up on the Friday or Saturday immediately after the fifth of the month.

Welcome to the blog!