Sunday, August 9, 2015

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, The Unlikely Hero of Room 13B, Half Blood

Finally, another book review post! These books weren't even read this week but over the course of July. Rather pitiful as there are only three but . . . no, stop looking at me like that! I've been reading a nonfiction behemoth in preparation for college instead! . . . *grumbles* Let's get on with this.

Reading an old book is always an odd experience for me. The descriptive and advanced vocabulary words and complex sentence structure make the writing style is always so different from the concise and simple words and sentences pushed as good writing nowadays. With my head attuned to the modern novel it can be hard to understand or even enjoy a classic. So understand that when I give this book five stars, it is for completely different reasons than I would award a more modern book the same rating.
So, why did it get five stars from me? At points I had trouble understanding sentences or was a little lost as to what was being described. However, I think that that is my fault (or maybe the culture's) and not Stevenson's.
I gave Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde five stars because I WILL NOT FORGET IT. Unlike many books that I pick up, avidly enjoy, but then forget within a year or two, this is a book I won't be able to forget despite that it wasn't a thrill ride or an emotional roller coaster. Instead, it explored a very hard to answer question: what is human nature? We all wonder what makes up identity and about the balance of good and evil in us, and it is because of this that the story if Jekyll and Hyde is so fascinating.
Are we largely good, or largely evil?
How much control do we have over ourselves when we are tempted?
How many faces can an individual wear, and which is his "real" self?
If you want to explore those questions, read this classic. It isn't that long (the actual story is less than 100 pages).
(Five stars.)

WHAT EVEN. I enjoyed the book completely but the ending left me very VERY confused. I feel like Toten should have taken more time at the end to wrap things up more because now I have no idea how Adam is doing or ANYTHING and this bugs me, but I suppose the fact that it bugs me is evidence of how good the rest of the book is.
This book was about a teen guy with OCD who has a "love at first sight" experience. His parents are divorced (mother is a hoarder and his father is remarried) and he is beginning attendance at an OCD support group where he meets Robyn. The whole book was very cute but serious at the same time and was a fantastic read. 
Just . . . the ending. Ugh.
Go read it yourself.
(Four stars.)

First off, I loved the chance to know Jace's backstory. It made his character so much more real. Second, the book was well-paced and didn't lose my interest. I liked reading it and it was enjoyable.
However, I was expecting something more. I'm not sure what but this short book didn't really pop. I feel like Knight may have been hesitant to get dark, so I felt like the book lacked some of the depth and emotion I was hoping for.
That said this really does add to my perception of Jace as a character in the Ilyon Chronicles series - I just don't think it would do well if it had no other books linked to it. It was a good short backstory novel but I don't find myself with all that much to say apart from if you like the Ilyon Chronicles you'll probably enjoy this short book. I give it three stars.

Not a fantastic reading month but not a terrible one as far as quality of books go. Any of these familiar to you? What's your opinion?


  1. I'm REALLY excited about Unlikely Hero. I keep hearing things about it and a book that seriously deals with OCD is a book I need to read.

    1. Yes you REALLY NEED TO. It is cute and serious at the same time.

  2. I want to read the Unlikely Hero of Room 13B so bad!! Everyone says it's so good and it seems like exactly my sort of thing! Unfortunately, my library doesn't have it...

    Also, I tagged you for "The Tag of Happiness" if you're interested. :)

    1. Ooooh, I had to buy mine too.

      Oh, thanks!