Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Character Interview: Ask Nitri

Most of my writing-related focus has been on my Shadows & Light project. In fact, I've written so much about it on this blog that you could nearly not even notice that I have another project in the works called Taken. This one is my first original novel idea, and is the one I've made the most progress on. I have a full rough draft with minimal revision. It's been put on hold for NaNoWriMo to give me time to write out the first draft for Shadows & Light, but really, Taken deserves some more attention.
I've been wanting to do a character interview, and since most of you probably know a lot about my Shadows & Light characters anyway from previous posts, the focus is changing to Taken for a couple weeks. Today I present you with Nitri, a secondary character (though he'd like to think he is the main character) in Taken. Below is a short blurb about him, and a few pictures and quotes to help you guys get a better feel for him (if you want to get a really good look at him, he's got his own board here. *looks over shoulder* Yes I know, Nitri, you're very special. We all know it. Now be quiet.). Ask whatever you want; I'm sure Nitri will be more than happy to boast. He's already starting.

Nice collage, pretty collage . . .

Taken Chapter 1, Scene 2, by Annika S.

Taken Chapter 1, Scene 1, by Annika S.

Nitri is an orphan but no longer a child at age eighteen. As you may notice during the interview, his supposed adulthood doesn't improve his maturity in the least. He is a pro joker, making light of any and every situation (it annoys poor Tyv no end). Nitri also takes risks without caution, throwing himself without thought into any kind of dangerous situation just for kicks. One of his favorite pastimes is escaping from the Town Guard by the skin of his teeth after successfully stealing some flashy (but probably useless) merchandise. He's got a habit of tossing his knife into the air and then catching it, repeatedly, without even glancing at it. Thank goodness he's gotten quite good at it or he would have lost a hand by now. Nitri lives in Erober, but is originally from Jager and he is shamelessly proud of the fact (he came to Erober because of a shipwreck, which also killed his entire family - but he has never told anyone about it and good luck trying to get him to open up). He makes a living off of thievery, threats, and blackmail; every other lowlife in the town's slums is petrified of Nitri because of how ruthless he is in getting what he wants. He calls himself the king of the Quarantine (the slum sector of Bemark) since he does, in effect, rule the lawless. Since he took Tyv under his "protection" his effectiveness in ruling others has only increased, now that he has a backup fighter.
Some other facts: Nitri is a expert knife-fighter but has other difficulties due to being deaf in his left ear. He is vain and almost never takes off the black captain's coat he stole hmm. . .let's see, three years ago (*gag* Gross.) His main rivals are a pair of thieves/murderers named Jasp and Trint, and the Town Guard, some members of which can now recognize him by sight because of how often he slips away from them.
So that is some basic stuff about him. Nitri is already talking his head off about all his greatest achievements; he obviously can't wait to get his chance to spread his fame. I'm sure he'll be more than willing to answer nearly any questions. Ask away!

Questions now closed - interview posted here.


  1. What kind of knife do you use? Have you ever cut yourself?
    (Would you even admit if it you had?)

  2. Would you ever buy an elephant? What about a panther? If so, how much would you consider a decent price?

  3. What do you wish you were able to forget? Do you like cats? Have you ever been caught?

  4. What sort of things do you like to steal in particular? Do you collect anything in particular? Like keys or rings or something of the like?

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  5. Why did you pick Tyv to 'protect'?