Thursday, November 20, 2014

Nitri's Interview

Hello everyone, and welcome to today's post, where I am entertaining a very special guest. Meet Nitri! *Nitri walks on, grinning widely and winking at all the girls* Yes yes, Nitri, very good, now just sit down for a moment and then we'll get on with the questions. 
(He's got a Jageran . . .ehem, sort of Arabic . . .accent)
Can't we get on with them now?
No, we cannot. I have to do an introduction.
Didn't you just do that?
Partially. I'm not done yet; now stop trying to out-sass me. I invented your sass. Anyway, Nitri has obligingly shown up to answer all the questions you wonderful people have asked. Actually, he's been waiting in agony for this day to come for over a week. He's been more than happy to get an approved opportunity to brag.
I'm not bragging, I only state facts.
I'm not buying it since you're a certified liar. 
Oh come on, Annie - can I call you that? - stop being . . .
NEVER call me Annie; I will put you on board even more boats!
*raises hands* Okay, nevermind then.
Good. Anyway, back to business . . .the questions!
Finally! Ooh, a picture of me!
*rolls eyes*

"Nitri Sketch" by Annika S. 

What kind of knife do you use? Have you ever cut yourself? (Would you even admit it if you had?)
*takes out a knife from its sheathe and holds it out for examination* My knives are very special; very rare.They are Jageran fighting knives, a matching set, crafted by best smith in Jager, using the finest steel the nation had to offer. As you can see, the double-edged blades are unlike those found in any other nation of the known world, with a double curve tapering to a needle-sharp point. There are no cross guards because only a useless knife fighter would need them, and Jagerans are the best knife fighters in the known world. And see here, how the hilt and pommel are made of quality bronze? These knives are coveted by every man who knows about them. I cannot tell you how difficult it has been to hang on to these exquisite blades, defending them from all sorts of murderers and thieves!
May I point out that you are a thief, Nitri?
*starts flipping the knife into the air and catching it* Details. And for the last part of that question, I must admit to cutting myself a few times when I first started. But I pushed through the pain to learn this skill, and now, as you can see, I have no problem catching them by the hilts. Obviously, yes, I have admitted to it. My honor is nothing if I lose my reputation for honesty.
I am offended by your distrust, Annie . . .Annika. You have wounded me to the depths of my soul!

Watch it, mister. Now how about this interesting question: would you ever buy an elephant? What about a panther? If so, how much would you consider a decent price?
Elephants? Panthers? What are you talking about!?
Elephants are large animals, gray with lots of wrinkly skin, which are as big as houses. They're got long tusks and can be used for work and riding, if they're trained properly. Panthers are huge black cats, about three feet high, with wicked claws and teeth. They're both very dangerous animals. 
But you can train them, you say?
Yes, if you get them as babies and know what you're doing.
Ah, I see. Well, I must say that the idea of having a panther, as you call it, to assist me in ruling my subjects is a very appealing one, despite the apparent risk to life and limb. After all, that risk could be turned onto others, couldn't it? Like an attack dog, but scarier? I wouldn't have much use for an elephant, though. As for price, I wouldn't pay it! I'm a king; I don't have to pay.
And just how would you go about that?
Well, I'd get close to the seller, make him think I'm preparing to buy. Then, I don't know what I'd do. *shrugs* Either grab the beast and run, get Tyv to hold him, or have Tyv cause a distraction - there are really any number of ways to go about it. I don't really plan these things out, you know.

Oh, trust me, I know. Here's a similar question to the last one. Would you ever buy a cat?
A cat? What would I want a cat for?
Well, they can catch mice - 
And eat my food, and get fur all over my nice black coat!
That thing hasn't been "nice" for three years, but I presume the answer, then, is no?
No! And if I did get a cat, I would steal it, obviously. But as I said, no point . . . *whispers* unless I ate it.

That is absolutely disgusting and barbaric! Remind me never to let you get near a cat. But on the topic of stealing, what sort of things do you like to steal in particular?
Oh, lot's of things. *begins tossing knife again* I steal useful things, like bread and money and fabric. But what I really like to steal are things that are just fun to have. Like colorful beads, or a Jageran turban, And of course, this captains' coat. I stole it from a Mejoran ship when I was fifteen. Snuck right into the captain's quarters, then had to duel the fellow to make my escape! It was hard, and I doubt anyone else could have managed it. But it was worth it, because now everyone can see how important I am.
Explain that.
Well, length of coattails is a sign of how rich someone is, right? These coattails are nice and long, so I have high rank. Everyone knows that.

Actually, not everyone does. Have you ever been caught?
*Holds hand to chest importantly* Well I'm known amongst all the ladies as being very hard to catch -
I think this question refers to the Town Guard.
Oh, you're no fun. *sigh* I have never been inside their filthy hole of a prison. I have, however, heroically escaped their clutches several times.
Yes. Heroically. Several times they have nearly beaten me, even tied my hands behind my back once! But I have always fought my way free before they can drag me away to be tossed into the jail. I'm smarter than them, see? *taps temple* Not to mention a better fighter! They should know better by now than to try to catch me, the Street King of Bemark!

You'd think, wouldn't you? Now here's a different sort of question. Do you collect anything in particular? Like keys or rings or something of the like?
Well I do like spices. They're not particularly useful for trading, but they smell good. Sometimes I sprinkle some on my coat, or mix a little with water and rub it on my skin. It makes the girls swoon. *winks*

I'm sure. Ooh, a good one: Why did you  pick Tyv to 'protect'?
Tyv? My right hand man?
Yes, there's only one Tyv in Bemark.
Well I came across him when I was fifteen, and Tyv was just thirteen. At first I was going to go take his steals away, because he's Kampene, and Kampenes and Jagerans don't get along. But then Jasp and Trint attacked him first and I decided to save his little hide, to get him indebted to me. It worked, but I realized that he didn't have a Kampene accent and seemed completely clueless that he and I should be mortal enemies. I made a . . .ehem . . .deal with him - he was a good thief, fast, and though he wasn't the best knife fighter back then he had potential. He also had nerve. I figured that under my influence he'd make a good second in command. I was right, except he still needs to loosen up a little. He's so uptight. Oh, and he's now taller than me thanks to his Kampene genes, which is not on. Can you believe it? My right hand man is taller than me! I've forbidden him from growing any more.

Good luck with that - he's still got a few years left to get even taller, whereas you're just about done. Last question, and a warning: you're not going to like it. What do you wish you were able to forget?
*silence**clutches his knife hilts*
You have to answer.
I won't. *clutches knives tighter*
Do it. 
At least a hint? The readers will love it. It will add to your mystery.
 . . .
Come on. Everyone loves a tragic hero.
They do?
*nods vigorously* Yes, they do. They absolutely love tragic heroes. It will make you swoon-worthy. Girls fangirling all over you.
 . . .Just a hint, then. *releases knives*
*sighs in relief**nods encouragingly*
I wish I could forget my family.
 . . .
 . . .
That all you're willing to say? 
Clammed up for the rest of the night?

Well, I guess that's it! Sorry to leave it off on that note, but I had to save that question for last. I knew Nitri would clam up after he heard it. Honestly, we're lucky he didn't pull his knives and throw them at me. 
More character interviews may be coming in the future! Sorry that there wasn't a regular post this week - NaNoWriMo and school have made things hectic. 


  1. He sounds like a heartthrob—thanks for sharing this interview! It is both hilarious and informative, and incredibly curious-making. This is a guy I want to know more about!

    1. Nitri's head will explode from vanity by the time this is over. :D Thanks for reading!

  2. Tell Nitri that he's wonderfully funny and self obsessed, which somehow has the effect of making me like him a lot. And tragic characters are certainly swoon-worthy! Also, your drawing skills are fantastic.

    1. He's preening even more now - what have you done? xD

  3. I like him. It was a fun interview to read for sure. (It was like I was watching it, as well as reading it) :)))

    Oh! I've also nominated you at my blog:

  4. He is such a tragic hero! Very swoon worthy ;)
    I tagged you over at my blog :)

  5. He sounds like a really cool character. ^ ^ I like his quirky thief personality. I have another question for him sometime: What is his native home Jager like?

    Stori Tori's Blog

    1. Thanks!
      Nitri: Well, it is largely a desert country. The interior of Jager is inhabited by clans of nomads - my ancestors. The shore land is lined with towns, mostly filled with merchants and soldiers.
      We Jagerans love games of chance and risk, and things like races and tournaments. We are the world leader in medicine, military might, and wealth!

      Nitri is very proud, obviously. What he wouldn't tell you is that Jager has a infamous history of invading it's neighbors unprovoked - hence the centuries' long conflict with Kampen and the deep mutual hatred.