Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Now Taking Questions for Ace Harrod

So I looked at the date today and realized I missed the day for posting . . .again. It's getting terrible, really, but at least I caught myself a day after this time instead of three weeks. Anyway, I was wracking my brain trying to think of a quick topic for today's post. And I thought, "why not do another character interview?"
So here we are. I've chosen Ace Harrod for the honor, since I'm working on outlining his point of view for Shadows and Light currently and I need to work on building his character up a little more.

Quotes from Shadows & Light by A. Smith
Ace's real name is Julian. He prefers Ace, his middle name, because it "sounds cooler." That part of his name also has some history to it, but that isn't important. He is the (elder) twin brother of Mara, who you may remember from the Beautiful Books linkup series I did, but he tries to ignore the fact that they are related. They're both eighteen.
Ace is a star student in the Mage League and is progressing through training astoundingly quickly. He loves working for the Mage League and dreams about his star-studding heroic future, which he feels is guaranteed because of his Destiny. What is his Destiny, precisely? Basically, it says he'll save lives. He fancies himself Superman, honestly.
Ace has a secret love of playing the piano. Very secret, since the only one who knows he even plays is Mara and she hasn't let on that she knows. He doesn't want people to think he's sentimental or musical because he doesn't think it fits with the "confident" and "heroic" personality he cultivates at school. As a side note, he's very popular and has a French girlfriend.
His MBTI (for those who know what that is) is ESFJ/P.

So yes, ask away. I'm thinking I'll give it two weeks before I post the interview, to give enough time for asking. I need to figure out a few details on this guy, so any questions you can come up with - even if they're really simple - please, ask them.


  1. Does he ignore his twin because of personality clash? Or is there something deeper? Does he hold the fact that he is the elder twin over Mara? Does he enjoy his popularity?

    I confirm Ace as a cool name! :)

  2. Do you think you'd have the same friends if your destiny was different?

    What kind of piano music do you play?

    Who is your role model?

  3. How did you meet your French girlfriend? What is she like?

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