Monday, January 26, 2015

The Art of Characters: Protagonist

I've seen this going around a few of the blogs I follow and thought I'd give it a shot. The rules are:
  1. Find three pieces of art that describe your character. They can be your own drawings or cosplays or sculptures, someone else's art (with their permission and/or crediting, of course), celebrity pictures, or a combination of the three. 
  2. Answer the questions below about your character's description and link back to this blog so if anyone else wants to do it, they know where to go.
  3. Put all this in a blog post or a deviantART journal.
  4. When you post it, link up at Stori Tori's Blog (the link above) and you're done!
So there are three protagonists I could choose from to do this. Which one has had the least attention?
Tyv from Taken. Granted, he probably prefers a lack of public attention but too bad.  ^.^

"Tyv from Taken" by A. Smith
Pin found at
Pin found at

1. What does your character's eye, skin, and hair color tell about him/her?
Tyv has black eyes, black hair, but pale, untanned skin. I chose the black for his hair and eyes because he really does live a dark life on the streets, and if he isn't careful the darkness could take him over until there's nothing good left (thankfully that doesn't happen). His skin, I guess, could represent how he isn't all dark. It never darkens, after all.
2. What does your character's hair style tell about him/her?
That bathing isn't a priority and he doesn't care too much about personal grooming. His hair is long and hacked shorter using his knives, and it's always filled with dirt and sweat (gross). This is all just evidence that he lives in a bankrupt nation on the streets, trying to survive day in and day out.
3. What does your character's default outfit tell about him/her?
That he can't afford new clothes (they're threadbare and faded) but knows the basics of sewing (as evidenced by the patches). He also only has one outfit, chosen for practicality rather than appearance. It's simple and doesn't get in the way during a fight.
4. Does he/she have an object(s) he/she carries around a lot?
Through most of Taken Tyv carries around a pendant he stole for Ambyr. When thinking about getting home he'll take it out and rub it between his fingers. He's also always armed (unless he can't help it) with two fighting knives, sheathed at his sides.
5. Does he/she have any particular scars or birthmarks?
Scars, yes. Birthmarks, no. I believe Tyv has a few larger scars on his arms, one long one on his chest, another small one above his left eyebrow (barely noticeable, so much so that I didn't know it was there until now) and a couple on his knees.
6. Does he/she have any piercings or tattoos?
He lives in a medieval world starved of money. Nopety nope nope nooooooooo.
7. How does he/she carry him/herself? Shoulders back? Eye contact? Eyes down? Slumped shoulders?
He's pretty tall but he walks around with slumped shoulders and bunched up muscles, usually with his arms crossed and his head pulled further down towards his shoulders. He doesn't want to be noticed. He doesn't let his eyes drop to the ground though, because he's always watching for danger.
8. What is his/her default expression? Smiling? Frowning? Solemn?
That's easy. Tyv is a frowny-face. Mr. Grump incarnate. A few other adjectives to describe his few usual expressions would be anxious, cautious, annoyed. His favorite (but not default) expression is scowling.
9. Does he/she wear makeup or facepaint?
Haha, no. He'd look ridiculous.
10. Does his/her physical appearance change at any time? For example: If they have a power do their eyes glow or hair turn blue?
Nope. Tyv is a fully (mostly) normal, unchanging teen boy.

So that's that. I found out a couple things by doing this, so if you want to give it a shot I linked to it at the top. Please let me know if you do it; I'd love to read it!
ALSO, don't forget that next Tuesday I'll be posting the interview of Ace Harrod. Please head over to last week's post and ask a question (any question!). The more of them the better.


  1. Thanks so much for participating! ^ ^ I'm so glad it helped you out. He sounds really cool. :)

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    1. It was fun! Thanks for setting it up!

    2. It was fun! Thanks for setting it up!

  2. Yay for Tyv! I think him and Azar should get together for coffee or something because they sound quite similar. Especially the whole Mr Grump part. But she would be Mrs Grump I suppose xD

    1. Maybe we should do a character chat in the critique group. :D

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