Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Character Interview: Ace Harrod

Nearly two weeks ago I opened up Ace Harrod for questions, which he promised to answer in an interview. And now, I deliver to you the results of your relentless questioning. (Thanks for all the questions, by the way - there are a lot of good ones and this thing is way longer than I expected it to be.)
So now, here he is! *whispers* I apologize for his arrogance. He's knocked down a few pegs later on in the book, but don't tell him that.

Quotes belong to A. Smith, from Shadows & Light. Images found on Pinterest. 

Hey Ace, let's get started. Do you ignore your twin because of a personality clash? Or is there something deeper?
I don't think it's so much a personality clash as it is a Destiny clash. My life is going to go in one direction, in which I will be awesome, and hers is going in another direction . . . in which she will not be awesome. Heroes and villains can't really get along, can they? It's like a law of nature.

Do you hold the fact that you're the elder twin over Mara?
I haven't really thought about it before. I mean, I'm only older by a few minutes. But I feel older because I'm obviously a lot more mature than she is, and I'm dealing with more responsibility than she could probably handle. So yeah, I take pride in that. I don't really talk to her much, though, so I don't think I hold it over her. Why are we talking about Mara anyway? I thought this interview was about me?

Alright, alright. Different kind of question. Do you enjoy your popularity?
Well who wouldn't? Of course I do! I can hang out with whoever I want, date whoever I want . . . ehem, not that I'm not happy with Victoire of course. If you're reading this, baby, I love you!

Ugh. Do you think you'd have the same friends if your Destiny was different?
*shrugs* Probably. I know that a lot of my friends hang out with me because I'm awesome, and I'm awesome because of my Destiny of being a life-saver. Who wouldn't want to be friends with me? That said, my really good friends aren't just cronies. I don't know if they would have started hanging out with me if it wasn't for my Destiny, though. I would have just been another face in the crowd to them.

How did you meet your French girlfriend? What is she like?
Oh, Victoire . . .she and I were accepted as Mage League cadets at the same time and went to training together. We first started talking when we were partnered up for a unarmed combat class. I'm pretty sure I still have a bruise from where she kicked me . . . but yeah, Victoire is great. She knows what's what, you know what I mean? She's got convictions. And she's smart and witty and kind and beautiful and. . .and perfect.

You're such a romantic. How important is your family to you?
It depends which family member you're talking about. *laughs* Yeah, I'm close to Mom and to a few of my cousins, but I hardly ever see dad and Mara . . . well, she's Mara. But I make breakfast in bed for Mom sometimes, and I hang out with my cousins whenever they're around. And I like Dad. He's sort of quiet but he gives good advice, even if I don't ask for it. So yeah. Pretty important, I guess.

What kind of piano music do you play?
How did they know about that?! *looks at author accusingly* You told them? Why?
Just answer the question. We can argue later.
I'm not happy about this. But since you must know, I play classical. Beethoven is my favorite.

What's your favorite thing to do? 
Hang out with my friends, use magic, play piano (*glare*), draw, take Victoire out to dinner . . . that's a big one. Do I have to choose one?

Nope, I get it. You're a indecisive kind of person. Morally, are you a black and white guy or a shades of gray guy?
Pretty black and white, I guess. I mean, you either follow the law or you don't. If you don't, you're a criminal, and if you do, you're fine. It's pretty simple, isn't it?

And what's your view on mercy versus justice?
Mercy is good I guess, as long as by being merciful you aren't being stupid. Like, don't let a murderer go just to be merciful! He'll hurt other people. Most of the time I think justice is better. It exists for a reason, you know?

What is it you're being trained for?
Mage League, you mean? Well right now I'm an Apprentice, which means I've been approved to study to become a Mage. Mages are magicians that lead teams of non-magicals on missions to arrest Sorcerers. Or Sorceresses, I suppose.
Maybe you can explain the difference between Mages and Sorcerers?
Mages are government trained and approved magicians. We use magic legally to deal with illegal magicians, sorcerers or sorceresses, depending on the gender. Sorcerers are not cleared to learn and use magic by the government, and they're often criminals for other reasons too - magical assault and murder are often on their crime list. Essentially the Mage League is like an elite police force that deals exclusively with magical criminals.

Do you kill people, and are you trained to kill?
I have never had to kill anyone, no. Because I'm in the Mage League though I do know how to kill . . . but I really don't ever want to have that on my conscience. On missions, killing is always a last resort and it will only ever be ordered in order to save the lives of the good guys. I hope I never get into that kind of situation.

Yeah, let's hope. Does your girlfriend know what you do?
Of course, she's right behind me in training! I even help her with her homework, since I went through cadet training a little faster and got ahead.

What's your favorite weapon?
Magic. I'm training with a handgun too, but it doesn't have nearly the same range of effects that magic does. And it isn't nearly as cool.

Who is your role model? And it can't be yourself.
Aw, you're serious? No, I'm kidding. It's my Mage mentor, Paul. He's awesome. Never failed a mission and has the lowest casualty rate of any Mage team in the county. Plus he runs his team well. I also look up to the director of my local Mage League Outpost, Director Delaney. He knows how to get things done, and done right. (He also happens to be Victoire's dad, so I kinda have to like him. But that has nothing to do with it. At all.)

You'd better hope you stay in his good graces. What's your view on life? 
What does that even mean?
I don't know. Your motto, or life's purpose, or what is most important or something.
Who asked this question? I'd like clarification.
*shrugs* A philosopher? Question-askers' identities are classified, I'm afraid.
*sigh* Alright, well I guess my view on life's purpose is to do something meaningful with it. Save lives or make a scientific breakthrough or something. Don't waste the time you've got because there's that saying thingy . . .life is short. That answer the question?

I think so, but here's another philosophical question: What's your view on power?
Good in the hands of the good guys, bad in the hands of the bad guys.
That's sort of a no-brainer, isn't it? Maybe want to expand a bit? 
Well it should be given to people who will use it right.
May I say that you should be president? You're so profound.
Yeah. Very funny. I would try to come up with a comeback, but that's Victoire's thing and I don't want to be embarrassed any further. Can we move on?

Well I guess you're not going to come up with anything better, so sure. Here's one you'll like. What are your special abilities and talents?
I nearly broke the record for completing Cadet training to get into Apprentice training, so I'm a sort of prodigy when it comes to magic. My mentor says I'm going through my Apprenticeship at double-time, too! So yeah. There's that small thing. I get good grades, too, though that isn't as impressive.

And now on the opposite side of the spectrum, what are your strengths and weaknesses?
As I said I'm a talented magician. And I'm pretty good with people. Weaknesses? Ummm . . .
You've got to be able to think of something.
I stink at strategy games?
I think this means a serious weaknesses. Because I know what they are . . .whether you do is another question.
Well I only barely passed science and strategy. All those lost games of Risk didn't really fulfill the expectation of "practice makes perfect."

I guess that will have to do. I can't very well tell you (sorry people). Next one. Do you have a secret?
Well my piano playing was a secret. Now, obviously, it isn't, thanks to my author. *glares*
Any others?
No. I have this tendency of blurting things out that I've been thinking about too much. I reach my internal thought limit, you know? So anything I try to keep secret usually doesn't stay a secret for very long. My piano playing was the one thing I'd managed. Thanks for ruining that.

I'm not sorry. Anyway, that's the last of the submitted questions. However, I have a bonus question for you. *rubs hands together gleefully*
*nervous* Yeah?
Yeah. Here it is: what would you do with yourself if your Destiny changed?
But Destinies don't change. That's sort of the point.
Just say it did. What would you do?
I . . .I don't know. And it doesn't matter anyway, because Destinies don't change. No danger of that. *smirks* So is that it?

Yes, that's the end. I think your answer was sufficient for my purposes.
*gulps* I'll see you all later. I'm going to leave now before she thinks of something cruel.
I can do that whether you're around or not. But go ahead. I'm sure everyone got to know you pretty well.
Good. I'm sure it was the highlight of everyone's week! *grins* Bye!

He really meant that seriously, didn't he? I'm glad he's gone, I was reaching my Ace limit. His arrogance is so irritating. I like him so much better at the end of the book. *sigh* He's a good person, under the over-confidence and the bigotry. He's got a long way to go . . .
Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed that. I know Ace did. *rolls eyes* Anyone else have irritating characters? 


  1. Yay for character interviews! I quite like him :p Perhaps in a larger dose it wouldn't be so nice. I have a character like Ace, and it's not going to be long before he gets taken down a few pegs as well xD

    1. Yay for soon-to-be-humble characters! Glad you liked it. :D

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  2. He is overtly obnoxious but without reason seemingly. I get it.
    OK we know he's full of himself but you can only take this sort of arrogance in small bites.it's annoying because it truley doesn't seem to have any real backing. Prodigy? well ok but what does that really mean to the mage league.
    I agree, he needs a mentor that he can have some real life "struggle and glory" intimate conversations with,(not visible to the rest of the world ) to strive for things (not like he's just got it all together , all the time, otherwise the character is somewhat flat. )
    He's useless at strategy, his downfall, unless he has a downtrodden-life-saving side-kick that perhpas becomes a friend as the plot progresses. He also needs someone to challenge him, someone almost his equal /on the same side or opposed. All this develops fullness in character.Is he so secure in his position w/o challlenge so he's a bit falt?I don't think you would allow that. Has he nothing to ponder over, I doubt it. There's always the chance that his strategic expert will be absent from a critical situation and his downfall is sure,...as his destiny b/c destinies don't change,... or do they. I think he meets his match when his whole situaltion is altered and santagonist sister may just step into the breach!
    Great to see you developing your plots, characters, timelines, pleasure to watch. Cant' wait til you're published.

  3. I feel like we won't really know this character until we see him in action, til we hear him interacting with others, acting like a real boy, then a moral man with integrity, Then someone who is in need (that'll make him relatable, real)

    (That strategic expert that stands by his side for whatever reason, kind of like a Will and Halt)

  4. The world building sounds really cool for this book with the Destinies and the sorcerers vs. mages. It sounds really cool. ^ ^

    Stori Tori's Blog

    1. Thanks! I really enjoyed putting it together.

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