Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Keir Durjaya is Open for Questioning

Aaaaaaand it's another character interview! This time around, I've chosen a less willing participant: Keir Durjaya, the primary antagonist of Taken.

Yes, I chose Benedict Cumberbatch. Probably the genius cliche by now. (Collage made from images found on Pinterest.)
So a little info on Keir. He is the High General, or highest authority in, the Kampene Army. He is a military genius, which became evident while he was attending Kampen's military academy, and the youngest High General in the history of Kampen. He reports directly to the queen and is internationally famous (or infamous, depending on the country you hail from) for putting an end to the centuries of raids and invasions launched by Jager against Kampen (Nitri takes personal offense to this outcome.) This was accomplished by reinventing the military's organization and training, and because of his own inventive tactics and strategies. Before he ended the raids he spent years fighting on the front lines of that conflict.
His wife died from childbirth back before he was promoted to High General and as a result of his grief, he resolved never to be emotional or let people get close to him again. Obviously this is impossible but trust me, he tries his best. He creeps people out with his unchanging facial expression and nearly toneless voice. It's very rare you'll get any indication of emotion from him even though he feels just as much as the next guy. He loves his only remaining son, Jyran, but has made the mistake of not showing that love. He has locked Jyran out of his inner thought life just like he has everyone else, and instead keeps their relationship restricted mostly to one of a commanding officer and his subordinate.
Keir hates the Eroberens for daring to invade his country without provocation, just to save their own economy. This hatred comes from his intense loyalty to Kampen, so even though he's set on revenge it's because of a noble idea. He values loyalty and patriotism, truth and justice. So while he's got issues, he's not an antagonist because he's a bad guy. He just wants to defend and avenge his country.
Haha, guess which MBTI he is. xD For a deeper picture of what he's like, visit his Pinterest board and check out the other time he's been mentioned on this blog: a linkup post on antagonists.

So! Ask any question you can think of. His history, his tactics, his hidden favorites, whatever. I'm giving this one two weeks, so the interview will be posted two weeks from today (Tuesday). In the meantime I will continue with the normal posting schedule (one on Tuesdays, and then another sometime between Friday and Sunday). I may have a post on using timelines coming up, so stick around. ;)


  1. Yay! Character interviews are so awesome. I think I say that every time xD

    Because you have locked Jyran out of your life, do the two of you fight a lot?
    How did you meet your late wife?
    Are your parents part of you life?
    What is your favourite fruit?

  2. Could you please go and give your son a hug? Now?
    Do you have any siblings?
    What's your biggest regret in life?

  3. Did you always want to be a general? Was there ever a time you wanted to be something different? Who is your best friend?

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