Monday, February 9, 2015

Building Blocks of Character: Antagonists Link-up

I thought this was too good to pass up, even though I know I have done a LOT of character stuff lately along with a LOT of link-ups and award-type things. I'm probably going to try posting twice a week now so that there's a little more variety going on. Can't make that a promise though. Along that line of thought, what kinds of things do you want to see on this blog? Anything else on Myers-Briggs, or maybe short stories or flash fiction inspired from Pinterest? Please tell me in the comments!
Now on with the actual post. This is a linkup centered around antagonists, started by Rachel Day of Stained Glass Windows and Adrianna Gabrielle of The Librarian Files. I've decided to use the questions for Taken's antagonist, Keir Durjaya.


  1. Take linkup theme pic and post on your blog.
  2. Show us one (or maybe two) pictures of your antagonist.
  3. Answer the questions.
  4. When you're done, link back to either one of our blogs.
The Questions:
1. Is the antagonist a person or a concept?
A man and the concept of war.

2. Now give us your villain's description. What do they look like? What do they wear? Scars, tattoos, birthmarks, etc.
Keir is over six feet tall with a thin, lanky build. He's exceedingly pale but has pure black hair - a perfect example of the coloring of his race. He has black eyes, is only ever seen wearing his general's uniform, and has two scars. One on his shoulder from a more recent wound, and another long one down his lower leg from a accident when he was fresh into the army.

3. Does your antagonist have a special trademark item? (ex. President Snow's white rose). 
Well not really. I guess his High General's badge could count since it would be recognized pretty widely around Kampen, but it's not his personally.

4. What is a theme song you have for your antagonist? Does it tell their story? Or is it just some epic song?
He doesn't have a theme song. There is a song I like to think of in relation to the story's climax, which obviously Keir plays a huge role in. It's called "Heroes May Cry" by Stefano Mocini. Come to think of it, that song is pretty villainous. . . :D Though Keir wasn't out to kill the protagonist specifically. They just had conflicting agendas.

5. Is there a tragedy that has stuck with your antagonist through their life? What is it?
Yes, as a matter of fact. Keir's wife, Alona, died some seventeen years before the beginning of Taken. Her death prompted Keir to decide that emotions were vulnerabilities to be eradicated, so he now tries not to feel anything and certainly not show anyone else anything he could be feeling. He's become quite good at it. 

6. What is it that is deceptive about your antagonist? What tricks people into believing that they are good?
The only thing deceptive about Keir is how he hides his emotions. It's practically a superhuman ability at this point, because even though he feels just as much as anyone else he literally does not show a thing. 
Also, just like anyone who is real Keir is not entirely bad nor entirely good. Hey, he's not even mostly bad! He actually has several extremely heroic traits, like loyalty, patriotism, honesty, bravery, etc. So he doesn't need to trick anyone into thinking he's good, because he mostly is. 

7. What is the main motivation for your antagonist's actions? Are their morals just mixed up? For the protection of someone? Revenge? etc.
The aforementioned patriotism, with a dash of revenge. The patriotism motivates him to score a victory for his country and punish the invaders for daring to launch such an unjust invasion in the first place. That's the revenge bit. As an explanation, this conflicts with Tyv (the protagonist) because Tyv wants to end the war without further bloodshed - and certainly not the death of his entire nation's army! (Such as it is . . .ehem. Details.)

8. Does your antagonist see himself as a hero or do they know that they are a villain/antagonist? Do they want to be "the bad guy"?
Keir is definitely a hero in his own mind, and a hero to his entire country along with it. I think the expression, "history is written by the winners" applies here. It depends which perspective you look at the conflict from. From Tyv's side, Keir is a villain. From Keir and the Kampene's side, Keir is the hero and Tyv is a meddling interference with some silly ideas in his head. 

9. Has your antagonist got a criminal record? Or had s/he broken any laws?
Actually I can see how he may have done some sort of prank back in military school which could probably count as criminality. Trying to trick a fellow student by forging an instructor's handwriting, perhaps. Some sort of deceptive prank.

10. Now last but not least (because we love to embarrass our characters), what is your character's deepest secret that (if found out) would embarrass them greatly?  
Keir has been through battles aplenty and participated in all that implies, but his chief fear is humiliation. Probably because his pride hasn't had much damage through his life - he's always been able to do anything and he's gained a very powerful position. Plus, he sings when he's a alone. He has a nice baritone and likes theater music. 


  1. I have this link up scheduled to publish in a week on my blog :) I'm happy to read someone else's before I publish mine haha.

    My villain is people and a concept as well. I love how your villain isn't necessarily bad- it depends how you look at it. We need more villains who sing! Keir sounds like a cool guy :)

    1. Haha, I'm glad I could serve your research purposes. :)
      Thanks! Keir is my second favorite character from this WIP (doesn't hurt that his appearance is pretty much Benedict Cumberbatch). :D