Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Why I Loved the New "Cinderella"

I'll admit: I loved the new Disney movie Cinderella.
Why? It certainly wasn't because I liked the first one. In fact, Cinderella has been one of my least favorite fairy tales up until now. Beauty and the Beast was probably my favorite, but this new movie has blown that out of the park. Why?
For starters, isn't every girl's dream to be loved and valued by a man? A good man who'd do anything for her? The prince chose to spend an entire party with Cinderella (a serving woman) instead of thousands of other beautiful women. Then he kept the shoe she left behind and spared no effort in using that shoe to find her again out of an entire kingdom full of people. Now tell me - don't you think Cinderella felt valued by him? Girls, wouldn't you love to feel that way? Well I know I would.
Of course, that is the basic story of Cinderella. Why did I like the newest version of it in particular so much? The answer isn't too surprising: it was the characters.
One of the primary complaints against some fairy tales is that the princess and prince are one-dimensional. No one likes one-dimensional characters. The new Cinderella managed to give both the prince (the only name I've got for him is Kit) and Cinderella herself actual characters. Cinderella was still the optimistic, dreamy, kind girl we know from the first Disney movie . . .
Please tell me I'm not the only one that was annoyed by her incessant cheeriness.
. . . but she was different in that she wasn't supernaturally cheerful. She didn't sing while she worked, she collapsed exhausted to go to sleep by the fire place after she was done working, she was hurt when the step mother and sisters left her out of something so basic as a meal.
In others words, she had more than one emotion. She didn't prance through her hard life singing to birds.
As for the prince, he had character because he existed outside of Cinderella's life. He was worried about his dying father, his father was pushing him to choose a princess for a bride, and he tried to keep the fact that he was a prince from Cinderella because he thought she'd treat him differently otherwise. He had a nickname. It made him more human, as opposed to a cutout picture of the perfect heroic prince we got in some of the older Disney fairy tale movies (Cinderella, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, Sleeping Beauty, etc.).
Another thing to like about the new version is that, wonder of wonders, the prince didn't fall in love with Cinderella at the ball. They met beforehand, and yes - it was a little bit of instalove - but their relationship had a little bit more time to develop than it did in the original Disney movie. Their initial meeting is what motivated the prince to invite all the maidens in the kingdom to the ball, and motivated Cinderella to try to get there. It made the whole plot so much stronger.
A few other things that made the movie fantastic? Helena Bonham Carter as the hairy dogfather I mean fairy godmother . . .
. . .Cinderella's incredible ball gown . . .
I want to twirl around like that too.
. . . the animated mice . . .
 . . . and the fantastic job done on the costumes and the excellent acting from Cate Blanchett as the evil Lady Tremaine.
Just go see it. My dad even liked it, and if you're a girl and want to feel all gushy inside, this movie should just about do it. Take a fluffy blanket and a bar of chocolate to the movie theater. Fantasize that you're Cinderella. You'll love it. 

Have you seen the new Cinderella? What about the older ones? What do you like and dislike about each? Leave a comment!


  1. Yup. I'm the same way as you are. I didn't like Cinderella when I was younger because of the unrealistic parts, but loved Beauty and the Beast. (Which makes me really excited for the Beauty and the Beast movie coming out in 2016. Eep!)
    But this movie was fantastic. It was so nice to see Cinderella developed, and some of the backstory play out with both she and the prince. And I loved that they got to meet each other before the ball. It makes so much more sense.
    I only wish that they would've explained why the glass slipper stayed the same, but everything else disappeared or turned back into pumpkins and lizards. It would've been nice, but I still loved the movie. :)

    1. I only just found out about the new Beauty and the Beast movie - it has Emma Watson in it, right? That should be good. :)
      I think the explanation was that the shoes were created from magic, while everything else was changed using magic and had to eventually revert back to its original form.
      Thanks so much for reading (and commenting!). :D

  2. I think the main reason I'm interested in Cinderella 2015 is because of all the GOWNS and HELENA BONHAM CARTER and CATE BLANCHETT, like you say. But I've already overspent on movie-watching what with Imitation Game and Interstellar and Mockingjay recently, so I'll probably sit this one out until I find a friend with a DVD XD

    And no, you're DEFINITELY not the only one a bit annoyed at Cinderella original's cheeriness. That's why I really really like that clip of Cinderella 2.0 saying to Cate Blanchett, "You're not my mother" or something along those lines -- I mean, FINALLY, girl, stop being THAT nice.

    1. GOWNS. Yes, the ball gown for Cinderella was amazing. I read that they used four miles of thread to sew it! It was gorgeous and I want it. xD Plus, Helena Bonham Carter is AMAZING! She was awesome in Cinderella just like she is in everything else (Bellatrix Lestrange from Harry Potter is what I usually remember her from). AHHHHHHHH THE IMITATION GAME. I loved that movie. Benedict Cumberbatch has nothing to do with it. At all.
      Yes, that line pleased me as well. SOCK IT TO HER, CINDY.

  3. Oh, I'm so excited to see this - I've heard nothing but good about it, and it looks like a lovely movie with an equally lovely and refreshing message! *grabby hands*

    1. Go ahead and grab it. You need to see it - it made me feel squishy inside! Aaaaand that's hard to do, and I think you've said the same thing sooooo . . . yes, go watch it and eat chocolate.

  4. I didn't even know about this movie xD I feel like I live under a rock most of the time. I'm not really a dress girl, BUT THAT BLUE DRESS.

    1. Maybe it isn't out where you live yet. ;) I know, I'm not either - most of them would look awful on me, but I like looking at them on their own. PRETTY.