Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Character Interview: Keir Durjaya

So two weeks ago I invited you all to ask Keir Durjaya, the antagonist of Taken, any question you could think of. And, after a few shares of the post and repeated exhortations to please ask something, you guys actually compiled a pretty decent list of questions! So thanks to everyone who participated. And to everyone who reads but leaves no trace of their readage. It's all great.

Keir Durjaya Collage (made on PicMonkey)

Any-way. Keir is here and ready to roll, so let the interrogation commence! Hello Mr. General. How do you do?
My name is not "general." However, I am no different than usual.
How goes the war? 
It is progressing. I believe you have a list of prepared questions to ask me? I did not come here for idle chatter.

Fine. I get it, you have an army to annihilate, so here's the first: how did you meet your late wife?
I was on duty at a Jageran border post. Myself and the other officers from my base were invited to the local lord's manor house for dinner one night - the lord in question was Alona's father. I was invited back after Alona engaged me in conversation - I suppose she found me intriguing. We grew close while I was stationed there and eventually married before I was transferred to another base.

Continuing along the family line, this is the next one: because you have locked your son out of your life, do the two of you fight a lot?
We have occasional disagreements about my orders in the army. Jyran is overly idealistic and finds it difficult to accept the realities of war. Apart from that, he and I are both kept busy with our respective commands and rarely speak outside of a professional context.

What would you do if your son turned against you, since you're not close?
I have trained him to be loyal to Kampen, as I am. The only way he could turn against me would be to commit treason, and that is not in his blood. Hypothetically, if he were to commit such a foolish act, I would be duty-bound to find him and deliver him to the queen's court for judgement.

Could you please go give your son a hug? Now?
I do not believe that you requested his presence for this interview.
I can always bring him in.
He is commanding the army in my absence. If you wish to summon him here I will have to go, as I do not trust my other officers to command in his stead.

Your logic is disheartening. Did you always want to be a general? Was there ever a time you wanted to be something different?
When I was a child I wanted to be a surgeon. It was, however, a mere phase. When I realized that I would not be able to afford such education, I decided to enter the military academy.
That is a radically different career change.
Some might think so. However, both soldiers and surgeons make use of blades and both involve death.
But soldiers kill and surgeons save.
That depends on perspective. It could be argued that in my current position as High General I too save lives - but only Kampene ones.

I see your point. Do you have any siblings?
Biologically I am an only child; however, my parents took in my cousin just before I left for military school. Her parents had died, so, for my last few years at home, we were treated as siblings. We were never close, as she was a socialite and I preferred to keep my own company. She resented me for never attending her frivolous parties.

Somehow I don't think you would have fit in anyhow. Who's your best friend?
She is deceased.
Alona? You don't have anyone still alive?
I have acquaintances from banquets I have been required to attend, and business contacts in the capital city, palace, and military school. Of course, I also speak to many of the higher-ranking officers in the army frequently. But I do not have friends.

Ooooookay. Are your parents part of your life?
They moved in to my manor several years ago; therefore I see them regularly when I am not at war.

So that's why you really hate the Eroberens. They stole you away from your cozy manor. What is the hardest decision you've ever made? 
When I was still a lieutenant I was given orders to lead my men into a fight which we were certain to lose. I could have ignored the order, but my mens' sacrifice was vital to the success of my commanding officer's strategy. Therefore I led them to their deaths.

...that's...grim. On a lighter note, what is your favorite fruit? 
I believe that it would be starfruit.
Isn't that Jageran?
I dislike the Jagerans. The fact that starfruit grows in the country tainted by the Jagerans' presence is not the fruit's fault.
I know that you were completely serious about that but that was honestly very funny. I didn't know you sympathized with fruit!
*blank, unchanging stare*

*clears throat* Do you do anything for fun/to relax?
I play the flute and, when at home with my library, study topics of interest to me.
Which include . . .?
The history of war, foreign cultures, and military tactics both failed and successful.

How typical of you. What is your biggest regret in life?
I regret attending the officers' dinner the night that Alona went into labor and died. I may not have been able to save her, but I could have spent more time with her before she passed.

Alright, well thank you Keir. Even if you're not the most effusive character I've created, you're honest. 
A trait more people should endeavor to cultivate.
Indeed. You may now return to your army of tens of thousands. 
Then I will take my leave. Good day. *walks away, slowly fading, until he is gone*

So that was Mr. Robot. He isn't as much fun as Nitri or Ace, but with any luck the interview was at least informative. Do you guys have any more questions? I won't be able to get Keir back but I could try my best to answer them myself.


  1. I think he is awesome! I love your characters :)

    1. Haha, thanks! I love doing these interviews because they give you a lot of practice making a character sound like himself with JUST dialogue. It's a really cool exercise.:)

  2. I really enjoyed this interview. It's my favorite of yours so far. He seems like a really cool character. I chuckled at "that's not the fruit's fault" and the line "However, both soldiers and surgeons make use of blades and both involve death." gave me chills. You should use that in your book or somewhere. ^ ^ If you don't want it I'll take it lol.

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    1. Thanks! Yeah, he's...unsettling, I think, to have in my brain sometimes. So callous. But I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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