Friday, July 31, 2015

July Recap

Ah . . . July. Thou hast been an intriguing month. I'm not really sure what I have actually done during these last thirty-one days. Hmm . . . let's take a look at that, shall we?

Blog Happenings
All this month's blog posts were scheduled ahead of time and it was lovely. Because of that I managed to give you all four full weeks' worth of posts (minus my Sunday book reviews) so you may all thank the scheduling feature of Blogger very much.

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This month I finished three novels. Not as many as usual because of Camp NaNoWriMo . . . even though, considering how that went, I really don't have much of an excuse. *sigh* More on that later.

I didn't post reviews of anything this month but they're coming, I promise!

My bookshelf stock has increased quite a lot for some reason this month as well, and now I have about twenty books all piled up to read in August.
My favorite book of the month was probably Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde just because of its depth. I didn't really have a least favorite, though I expected more from Half Blood.

Camp NaNoWriMo!!!!! Errr . . . failed. I think I mentioned already that I doubled my word goal to 100,000 words. I swear I was doing excellently for the first week. Then something drained my motivation reserves and I just . . . stopped. *headdesk* There were a few valiant efforts to start again but none of them stuck. Still, I did achieve over 29,000 words (the vast majority in that first week) so it wasn't a complete waste. I just can't really consider it a success either because I didn't meet my goals.
A few character quotes popped out this month from Ace, so I'll share those. They're in chronological order. Click to enlarge.
Ace is my new baby and I love him so much. *cuddles him* This month's Beautiful People was done on him (again, I know) and you can read that here. I'll try to do next month's on someone else, I promise.

Other Internet Happenings
  • Krissy Aleman @ Words in My Soul had a wonderful idea to use a song lyric to describe each MBTI type. It's the beginning of a series of posts done in such a way and I love the idea. Check it out!
  • So I found out that my online Christian writing group has a Facebook chat group. And I got myself added to it and . . . it's awesome. The group is amazingly supportive and encouraging, I became a dragon, we're plotted world domination, and I got married to a fictional character. So that happened.
  • Popular Science published a short blurb on the future of warfare. Here's a jumpstarter for people writing war in the future. 

    Favorite Pins of the Month

    What Is to Come
    • As of right now the only post I'm certain I will be doing this month is Beautiful People and a couple linkups I was tagged in. So those are coming.
    • I want to do another post or two on cliches - but I don't have topics. Give me every cliche you can think of in the comments!
    • Also, I think it is time for another character interview. I'm thinking Mara. Look for that soon!

    Questions I Now Want You to Answer:
    1. At least in the comments, the cliche posts went over very well. What was your favorite thing about each one?
    2. As stated above: which cliches would you like to see me write a post on in August? 
    Is anyone else gearing up to head to college? Or prepping for the start of school? Any of those books look familiar to you? Tell me about them. And for you Camp NaNoWriMo goers - how did it go? Congrats if you did well and my sympathy if it didn't go as well as you hoped. I feel you.


    1. 29,000 words in one week? That's incredible! I'd love to hear about what other people think of the bland/robotic female heroine.

      1. Well thanks! Oh yeah, I'll have to consider that one. Thank you for commenting!

    2. YOUR CATS WERE THE BEST OKAY. And I love blogger's scheduled blog posts thing as well :)
      Did you like The Unlikely Hero of Room 13B? I just started reading it.
      You could do a post about how we find out what characters look like? Lots of authors make us 'look in the mirror'. If you get what I mean?

      Ace ♥️

      1. I did like it! It was cute and sweet but I the ending I was a little confused by. Maybe you'll feel the same way when you finish.
        Oh you mean when the character gets up in the morning and goes into the bathroom and starts describing themself to themself? xD That's a pretty bad method of character description.

    3. Wow you wrote alot, good for you.
      I like Ace, I always read you BP posts on him.
      Feel bad for him, I know what it's like to live with people having high expectations of you.

      1. I know, I think that that part of him comes from me, though, because it's not just others its himself. I'm a ridiculously high overachiever, so I know how any kind of expectations can get really weighty. Thanks for the comment!