Sunday, June 28, 2015

By Darkness Hid

Again, I read only one book this week. I must have spent all my time writing blog posts ahead of time for July, as I'm not anticipating a whole load of time to write posts with Camp NaNoWriMo going on. I didn't even have time to write an in-depth review, so, this is quite short.

LOVED IT. Achan and Vrell were great protagonists, and unlike some books I didn't see the ultimate plot twist coming from a mile away - the foreshadowing was good. Achan was my favorite character with his penchant for trouble mixed with a sometimes unquestioning acceptance of tough events in life, which I presume came from his position as a stray. I loved the concept of bloodvoicing, which was like telepathy except with a few more limitations which made it unique. I loved the world this was set in, with Darkness and strays and all the political factions. I have many questions still, like "what makes a stray a stray?" and "what are the differences between a stray and a slave?" and "how did the Darkness come to be?" and "How many Hadars are there?!" I'm hoping I find out the answers in the next books. *runs to go find them somewhere*

Have you read this book? What did you think?

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