Saturday, June 6, 2015

Character Interview: Tempe is Taking Questions!

I WAS hoping to be publishing the June Beautiful People today . . . or even better, yesterday. Alas, it does not yet appear to be up, and I didn't want to wait any longer to give all you wonderful people another post.
So, I'm starting another character interview, as promised - just a week early. Unfortunately, when I asked who you guys would rather see interviewed (Tyv or Tempe) I got one vote for each. They're both quite flattered but unfortunately, that did not help me choose. So I put it to my mother, and she said Tempe. My mother has spoken: Tempe it is.
Photographs and artwork not mine. Quote from Shadows and Light by Annika Smith.
Here's some of her personality and backstory:
Tempe Margaret Donoghue serves as the one true villain in Shadows and Light. She plays antagonist to Ace but mentor to Mara for the majority of the story, and to a great extent she engineered the major events that take place in both Ace and Mara's lives. She's a manipulator through and through, and isn't scared to use any tool at her disposal to achieve what she wants. She uses makeup, magic, clothing styles, and even facial prosthetics to alter her appearance in order to get what she needs. She enjoys the playacting and is good at faking accents and altering the vocabulary she uses. She's also a flirt, but only because she enjoys trying to wrap men around her finger and then having them under her power.
She does have a couple quirks. She's a huge environmentalist and will only eat non-processed organic foods. No chemicals. Most of what she eats is grains, vegetables and fruits, and red meats. She doesn't like sweets, but would drink a cup of lime juice (which is quite bitter, if you've never tasted it). She owns two horses (according to her, she actually bought them) named Bella Donna and Blackthorn and loves them to bits. She rides whenever she can.
Tempe is thirty-two years old, and was a Mage until roughly age thirty. In her twenties it was discovered that the records for her Destiny had been falsified. Truly, her Destiny was to commit a great betrayal. She found out her father was responsible for the lie, and the Mage League, scared of what Tempe was Destined to do, reassigned her to a backwater town and refused to promote her, despite her considerable abilities. Hatred for the Mage League and her father grew in Tempe until she eventually betrayed the position of a Mage League secret base in order to win the trust of her lover, a sorcerer named Zak Sullivan. They collapsed the base with all the employees inside, and then spent a year on the run together, hitting Mage League targets all over the country. It ended when they were ambushed by Mage League teams. Zak was killed, and Tempe was arrested. She escaped some months later during her trial, when her overwhelming grief and hatred pushed a massive wave of magic out from her. It killed at least a dozen people. When Shadows and Light starts she has been on the run for a few months, continuing the war she and Zak started on the Mage League by herself. Recently, she's taken to carrying a black scorpion she named Sebastian on her shoulder - a living representation of the birthmark signifying her Destiny of betrayal.

I hope you guys think of lots of questions! Ask anything you want in the comments, and don't be afraid to write an entire list of questions if you can think of that many. With enough questions, I'll post the interview two weeks from now.


  1. Wow! Tempe sounds complex. I love complex characters. Have you seen Once Upon a Time? She makes me think faintly of Regina. Not a whole lot, but some.

    Okay, questions then. Since she likes make-up and fashion, but is also an environmentalist, does she choose mineral based make-up products that haven't been tested on animals, and other eco-friendly products?

    How did she meet Zak? What did Zak have against the Mage League?

    So does this mean she's still bottling a lot of resentment and anger?

    Is her father still living? If so, do the two of them have any confrontations in the book?

    I'm a little new here so I'm not quite sure what you're looking for question-wise. But these were what the her background made me immediately curious about. :)

    1. THESE QUESTIONS ARE GOLD. Thanks so much!

  2. She seems like a cool character! I like her design. The organic quirk is cool. What kind of dishes does she like to cook? What are some kinds of magic she can use? What was her first pet? Does she still have it

  3. If she could bring Zak back to life by ending the war, would she do it? Does she regret killing all the people at her trial? If she could change her Destiny, would she?