Friday, May 22, 2015

The Creative Blogger Award

Opal @ Opal Swirls tagged me for the Creative Blogger Award, and I now give her my deepest thanks. *bows with a flourish* The rules are:

  1. Nominate 15-20 blogs and notify all nominees via their social media/blogs 
  2. Thank and post a link to the blog which nominated you
  3. Share five facts about yourself with readers
I don't even know of fifteen blogs, so forgive me.

Five hopefully-not-entirely-boring facts about myself: 

I confess: I actually am an occasional pantser. I pants for blog posts, short essays, and novel-sized concepts which I don't think are good enough to put effort into planning. I only pants projects of that size if I have no ambition to finish them and only write them for my own experimentation.

I'm a fan of BBC Sherlock, but honestly a lot of it freaks me out. Psychotic . . . ness . . . is not something I'm comfortable watching. For this reason, I'm not one of those people fangirling over Moriarty. *shivers* Actually, the creepy cabby from episode 1 also freaked me out, and the guy in the last episode of season 3.
Yeah, this guy is scary, not cute. Kudos to the actor for being a proper scary villain.

I remember seeing the cloud deck above New York City on 9/11. I was only four, but my family could see the smoke from our home about forty-five minutes from the city. For this reason, there are few things that get under my skin like people telling jokes about 9/11.
I tried to find a gif for that, but guess what came up? Yeah. 9/11 jokes. I'm not promoting those.

I learned makeup from my little sister. I've never been exactly eager to fit into the "girls spend hours making themselves pretty" societal expectation. I'm still rubbish at using eyeliner. And if I've got it on . . . It was tough to get me to cry in front of people before? Well, now it is impossible. I SPENT TOO LONG ON IT FOR IT TO BE WASTED.

I have plans to get over to Israel via a one-year program in the college I'm going to next spring. We'll be touring all the biblical sites after learning about the history of Judaism and Christianity and all that wonderful stuff for a semester and a half. So excited!

So I do not have that many blogs to think of to nominate (especially none that haven't already been nominated). I'll list the ones I can think of, and then anyone else who wants to do it can go ahead.
Next up is that promised post on the difference between a protagonist and a hero!

What's your opinion on the BBC Moriarty? How about 9/11 - do you remember it? If you're a girl, how did you learn makeup, and do you like it? Do you have travel plans or dreams? 


  1. I don't really wear makeup. Like, ever. It's just never really appealed to me for some reason :P My sister is slightly obsessed with it though.
    I'd kind of maybe like to go to Japan some time. Or the US. Other than that I've kind of already been everywhere I want to. That Israel trip sounds awesome. :D

    1. Haha, I had no interest either. I still don't, really, except I think it does make me look better . . . but then again, I thought I looked better without it back when I didn't use it at all. xD Ah, I know someone who is "slightly" obsessed. :D
      Hmm, U.S? Which country are you in now? Because I'm in U.S... any particular part of it you'd like to see?
      AGGGHHHHH I can't wait. :)

  2. It must be terrifying to remember 9/11, just in the corner of your mind. there is defiantly nothing funny about it. And going to Israel will be awesome! I hope to go myself one day :)
    My little sister is also into make up, and what I know I learnt off her, but I don't even wear it apart from on stage xD

    1. What was the coverage of it like in New Zealand? Do you remember? I always just remember how big of an impact it had on the U.S, and then remember that places like Israel are shooting down bombs regularly. Scary. But yes, I think it will. :) Trip of a life time.
      Haha, it seems we are united in having little sisters more into it than we are. *fist bump for feeling good without the help of makeup* I try to avoid wearing it as much as possible. But I always feel like I should be wearing it if I'm going to see people I care about . . . so that means I end up wearing it for co-ops and church. :P