Friday, May 1, 2015

The Infinity Dreams Award

I am sorry, truly sorry, for missing posts and entire week. Life is crazy. I promise, with school ending, that this probably won't happen again (at least until the next school year starts, that is).

I'd like to thank A Scattering of Light for nominating me for this award! So nice of you! I hope you don't mind that I borrowed your picture-thingy.

1. Thank and follow the blog that nominated you.
2. Tell us eleven facts about yourself.
3. Answer the questions that were set for you to answer.
4. Nominate 11 bloggers and set questions for them.

So I've already gotten the thanking and following part down . . . eleven facts about myself. Hmmm. I'll just write whatever comes into my head and hope it is in some way interesting.

1. I'm scared witless by bees, wasps, and yellow-jackets. I'm convinced it is because I saw my mum get stung when I was little and thought she was going to die (erm, yeah, she didn't).

2. I played the wife of the sheriff of Nottingham in my co-op's play of Robin Hood. I did more character development than anyone else in the group and my character had a crush on Robin Hood (her marriage wasn't very kind, I suppose).
3. I've been looking for a bottle of lilac-scented perfume for years, but have not yet found any.

4. I tried to assign a Myers-Briggs type to Jesus Christ (yeah . . . that didn't work). I came to the conclusion that He is all types, or else beyond typing. xD

5. Trying to figure out how the absence of time works in heaven is a topic I seem to ponder on every month or two. Does everything just happen at once? An instant containing everything in time compressed into just a flash? Does everything still happen in a progression? HOW DOES IT WORK. This will be the thing I try to figure out right after I get to heaven (after praising the Lord and thanking Him for everything He has done, of course). 

6. If someone rings the door bell and I don't recognize them or the company they're from, I will literally hide on the floor, make sure all sounds that may go outside the walls of my house are off, and then creep around the windows and doors making sure they're locked with my phone in my hand ready to dial 911. Yeah. Overreaction much? Probably.

7. I supremely dislike lip liner and, to a lesser extent, lipstick.

8. I cannot get a tan for the life of me. It is just burn, go back to being so pale that my feet glow in bright sunlight, burn, and repeat. Some of my friends find this much too funny. You know who you are.

9. According to my parents, myself and my mother are descended from the Anglo-Saxons and my dad and my sister are descended from the Normans. I don't know how me and my sister aren't from both, but I think it has something to do with our hair color. *bemused shrug*

10. As a media form in general, I dislike TV shows (though I have seen a few I liked, I rarely like them for very long. I think Merlin and White Collar are the only two that have beaten this trend). 

11. When I was about ten, I had fears of a tribe of Travelocity gnomes doing war dances around a fire under my cot, holding disproportionately large machetes. I'm not sure whether it stemmed from a nightmare or just my half-awake brain junk.

A Scattering of Light's Questions:

1. What was your favorite book from when you were small?
The Skippy John Jones books. I don't know why but I absolutely loved them.

2. If you met the villain of your work-in-progress at the grocery store, what would he or she have in their cart?
Pre-cooked beef, lots of lettuce, grapes, wine, whole coffee beans, tortillas, horseradish, pomegranate juice, limes, extra-dark chocolate, steel-cut oats, blue agave nectar.

3. What was one of your best dreams ever?
Best? Um, I think I had a nice dream a week or two ago? I'm not sure . . . I don't usually have nice dreams, or bad dreams, just weird ones. This one is my most memorable:

I was in Hogwarts, with a guy friend, who I'll just call X. We were in the battlements, looking down at all the students in the halls (which apparently had no roofs). We were searching for someone but I'm not sure who. Then suddenly we were in the halls, and we ran into Cho Chang, who was running a tiki bar. We ran past her and outside - we were suddenly being chased by Bellatrix Lestrange and a bunch of indecipherable baddies. We were approaching a park, surrounded by one of those ankle-high garden fences made of wire arches. For some reason we saw this as an obstacle, and then we were actually riding horses and we jumped the fence, which had grown to be about as large as a building. That delayed Bellatrix and her evil baddies, But now, we were airborne and couldn't run on the ground (for whatever reason there was), so there were all these colored discs floating in angles in the air, so me and X jumped from one to the other like we were jumping on trampolines in low gravity. Bellatrix screamed and started jumping after us, the baddies all splitting up to leap around in the air. 
Then me and X reached a valley filled with a snow-dusted pine forest. The owl warriors of the Guardians of Ga'Hoole in their metal war claws and masks poured out of a rift at the opposite end of the valley and came screeching towards us, blocking our escape that way. X and I determined that we had to run up the mountains to the right, through the forest, to escape. So we ran through the forest, Bellatrix still coming after and the Guardians of Ga'Hoole flying overhead. We made it to the clear thirty or so feet before the mountain peak, and Bellatrix appeared in front of us, alone. X, who had somehow turned into Katniss Everdeen, then morphed into a raven and flew away laughing. Bellatrix turned to me, and suddenly I was Katniss. 
The end.

From that dream, you'd never guess in a million years that I'm a bookworm, would you? xD

4. Which do you like better: chocolate chip cookies, or vanilla ice cream?
Tough call . . . can I say both? No? I guess the ice cream then.

5. If you had the chance to go to France of England, which would you choose? Why?
England! Both my parents were born there and my grandparents are all over there but we haven't been able to go over to England in years and I really want to go see a castle again. Plus there are bridges for cows. And I want to visit Sherwood Forest and the oak tree. So yes. England. (Plus, it is ironic you chose to compare France and England since, according to my father, they don't like each other and never have). 

6. If you could pick one song to describe your favorite characters, what would it be?
I . . . don't . . . have any. 
All my favorite characters are the super-smart ones with somewhat stunted emotional expression, whether they're bad or good or whatever. I can't think of any songs which describe someone like that.

7. What's your least favorite color?
Yellow, or orange.

8. How do you stop hiccups?
This is going to sound strange, but it is what my grandmother told us to do and it does work. However, it is a two-person job. 
First, you get a glass of water. Then you plug up your ears, hold your breath, and have someone pinch your nose and hold the water up so you can swallow some. Then you drink some. I think you may have to wait a few seconds or something but that is how I remember it.

9. What's one book that really irritated you?
Black Ice by Becca Fitzpatrick. Just . . . the main character . . . and her dumb jealous best friend . . . they were both such IDIOTS!
*shudders* It annoyed me no end.

10. What's something you were always scared to do?
Always? How about setting foot on anything floating? Boats, floating docks, etc. I can swim just fine, and I'm not scared of water at all, but for some reason I absolutely HATE being on the water. I think it has to do with the instability and the irrational fear that a River Monster is going to come out of the murky depths, capsize our boat, and eat us all. 
I also hate ice skating for similar reasons - I like to have control over my own body movement, thank you very much. No slippery ice for me. Oh! And roller coasters. No one will ever coax me onto one of those death traps. Or even water slides. Hate those too. 
There are a lot of things I've always been scared to do, apparently.

11. Would you eat garlic ice cream?

My questions for the nominees: 
1. What is the strangest food you've ever eaten? 
2. If you had to turn into some sort of plant, what would you choose?
3. A coconut and a pineapple are arguing over who is better. Write out their argument (do they focus on looks, usefulness, tastiness, etc?).
4. What is the most irrational fear that you've ever had?
5. Which is your favorite planet?
6. Why would you make a good President of  the United States?
7. What is the longest book you ever read? Tell me about it.
8. Have you ever received flowers? What kind and from who?
9. Did you ever watch Veggie Tales, and if you did, what was your favorite part?
10. Tell us a few facts about your first crush (celebrity, fictional character, real person, whatever. No names need be disclosed). 
11. Would you prefer a lightsaber or Excalibur?


  1. Thank you for the nomination :) I don't like orange either and when I'm at home alone I'm always ready to ring 111 xD


  2. OH THANK YOU FOR THIS TAG!! I'm actually running so low on post inspiration so this is perfect (and your questions look super fun!) Omg, I shall hide the fact that I love the colour orange. XD And that is EXACTLY the reason I've been putting off reading Black Ice FOREVER. The main character sounds horrendous and, gah, I just don't feel like taking the risk. >.> I also HATE sting-y thingies. And honey. Basically anything related to bees/wasps = nope.

    1. Yes, don't read Black Ice. :P I was actually annoyed by the idiocy so much that I put the book down only about a quarter into it. *shivers* Yellow jackets are devils. Wasps are Satan incarnate, I'm certain.
      Thanks! And I know what you mean about convenient tagging - when I got nominated I was like "THANK YOU FOR GIVING ME SOMETHING TO POST ABOUT."

    2. Yes, don't read Black Ice. :P I was actually annoyed by the idiocy so much that I put the book down only about a quarter into it. *shivers* Yellow jackets are devils. Wasps are Satan incarnate, I'm certain.
      Thanks! And I know what you mean about convenient tagging - when I got nominated I was like "THANK YOU FOR GIVING ME SOMETHING TO POST ABOUT."

  3. Awesome answers! And um, crawling around the house when stranger shows up is TOTALLY me. Seriously, every time. And your dream is so bookish, it sounds like you fell asleep in a library. *promptly decides never to read Black Ice* And ENGLAND. If I ever get the chance to go to Europe, the UK will be my first stop. :)

  4. Haha, yeah, it makes me wonder just how much reading I did that day. *agrees with your decision* EEEEEENNNNNGLAAAAAAAANNNNNNNND.